Eva Longoria will make a great mother.

The 'Desperate Housewives' star - who is four months pregnant with her and her husband José 'Pepe' Antonio Bastón's baby - is such a ''caring and motherly person already'' and will be great with her future baby, according to her pals.

A friend said: ''Eva is such a caring and motherly person already. She's always looking out for those around her and going out of her way to help people. She comes from the most nurturing family and can't wait to pass that along to her baby. Eva and Pepe are already great parents to their three kids. One of the reasons Eva fell in love with Pepe is that he's an amazing father. Seeing him with his kids lit a spark in her to want to get pregnant.''

Eva has always been around children and will be a ''natural'' when it comes to motherhood.

Another source added to People magazine: ''Eva is used to being around babies. She always looked like a natural. There is no doubt she will be an amazing mom. Eva always had a different, amazing chemistry with Jose. Previous guys that she dated were boys. Jose is a family man, a successful businessman and seems more mature. It's very obvious they have a special marriage. They always walk around hand-in-hand and are very affectionate. Jose is very attentive and puts Eva on a pedestal. He treats her in a very special way.''

It comes after an insider revealed Eva had never ''focused on'' having children of her own until she met José's kids.

They shared: ''She loves kids, but it's not something she focused on. Meeting Pepe and becoming a stepmom made her more open to the idea. She loves his kids and now they're really excited to be expanding the family.''