Eva Longoria will teach her unborn son to ''applaud and honour'' feminism.

The 'Desperate Housewives' star - who is expecting her first child with her husband José 'Pepe' Bastón - is ''excited'' about having a baby boy as she thinks the world ''needs more good men''.

She said: ''We have this wonderful wave of future feminists coming into this world with a different view of what this global community we live in should look like. I'm so excited that I'm having a boy because I think the world needs more good men. This boy, my son, will be surrounded by very strong, educated, powerful women and I think it's important that he sees those types of role models in his life so he knows how to support it, how to applaud it and how to honour it.''

And the 42-year-old actress feels empowered being pregnant.

She added: ''Having my life now with my son and living it with him is great. When I'm directing he is with me, at the Golden Globes he is with me. [It] makes me very happy.''

Eva intends to work right up until her due date, something which has shocked her husband José.

She told People Chica: ''My husband is amazed that I'll keep working probably until the last days of pregnancy. I'll get to rest later!''

Meanwhile, Eva previously revealed she wants to give her baby a ''traditional'' name that will follow the traditions of their shared Mexican heritage.

She said: ''We are Mexican, so we're very traditional. It'll be a long name.''

And opening up about her pregnancy, she added: ''I don't have any cravings. I have the opposite of cravings. I actually, don't like chicken right now since I got pregnant. And I used to eat chicken daily. And now I'm like, my husband ordered it the other day and I'm like, 'Why would you do that?!'''