Eva Longoria says the trial between Nicollette Sheridan and 'Desperate Housewives' creator MARC CHERRY has left a ''stain'' on the show's legacy.

The 37-year-old actress was shocked her former co-star's claims for battery and wrongful termination against Marc and ABC ever ended up in court and she is sad it is something the series will be associated with.

Speaking to Katie Couric on 'Good Morning America', she said: ''I was surprised that there was even a trial and it went that far. I love Nicollette and I love Marc Cherry, and I love our work environment. It's a stain on our legacy as a hit show. It was just unfortunate, the whole thing.''

Nicollette claimed Marc deliberately assaulted during an on-set dispute in 2008, an allegation he denied, and after she complained to ABC bosses about the incident her character Edie Britt was killed off.

Her battery claim was thrown out of court, while her wrongful termination case ended in a mistrial in March after the jurors failed to reach a majority verdict.

'Desperate Housewives' is finally coming to an end this year after eight seasons and although Eva - who plays Gabrielle Solis - is sad it is ending she views the programme's conclusion as an opportunity to reinvent herself.

However, one actuality she never considered when the series began in October 2004 was that she would not be married when it ended.

Eva - who split from her husband Tony Parker in November 2010 after three years of marriage - said: ''It's interesting, because I'm in a big transition in my life. I am not married. I always thought I would be married at the end of Housewives. The show is ending ... A lot of chapters are closing in my life, and so I'm at a point where I get to redefine who I am.''

Eva is reported to have rekindled her relationship with Eduardo Cruz - the brother of Penelope Cruz - this week after splitting from him in March.

But since her failed union with Tony, the screen beauty doesn't feel she has to share details of her private life with her fans.

She explained: ''Now I'm a lot more private. You don't need to know who I'm dating. You don't need to know what I'm doing. I'm fine with everybody not knowing that.''