The former Desperate Housewives star wed the television executive in Mexico back in May (16), with celebrity guests including Melanie Griffith, Ricky Martin, and Victoria Beckham, who also designed the bride's wedding dress, but the actress reveals when she first met Jose sparks did not fly between them.

"It was love at second sight," she tells Access Hollywood. "A mutual friend of ours introduced us and we were like, 'Hey', and then like six months later that same friend reintroduced us and I was like, 'Who is that?' And he was like, 'I introduced you, like, six months ago'. I was like, 'I don't remember meeting that guy. He's the most handsome man I've ever met'... It's all about timing and the universe and destiny.

The 41-year-old actress and Baston are looking forward to celebrating their one-year anniversary at the start of this summer (16), but Eva reveals the couple has been marking the union every month.

"We celebrate every month... and now I can't believe it's (anniversary) getting closer already," she says. "It's great, I'm just on cloud nine. He's amazing... He's just the best. Everybody that meets him falls in love with him. They're like, 'I love Pepe'."

Eva was previously married to General Hospital actor Tyler Christopher and basketball player Tony Parker, but she now insists Jose is her soulmate.

"I don't even know how to explain it, because it's like we're two different sides of the same coin," she told Ocean Drive magazine in October (16). "He's compassionate, kind, handsome - he's everything I wanted and didn't even know I wanted."