Eva Longoria thinks motherhood needs to be ''normalised'' by Hollywood.

The 44-year-old actress - who has 12-month-old Santiago with husband Jose 'Pepe' Baston - believes female stars are offered different roles after having children and go without work until they have regained their pre-pregnancy figures.

She said: ''I do think there has to be a normalisation within Hollywood to make sure that motherhood is accepted in a wider way.

''Many times, [after becoming a mom] you no longer get the sexy roles, or you have to take time off until you're looking a certain way.''

The 'Grand Hotel' star admitted it was ''hard'' when she went back to work after her son was born but she's thankful Santiago has been a ''dream baby'' to care for.

She told Parents magazine: ''Going back to work was hard. Breastfeeding while working was hard, just for the timing of the pumping and the feedings and the sleeping and the not sleeping.

''You just do it and get it done. It helped that Santi has been a dream baby. He's healthy, he's funny, he's sweet, he sleeps, he eats - he's made it easy for us.''

However, Eva is willing to pass on work if she can't give it a full commitment because of her family obligations.

She said: ''I will pass on a project if I can't give it my all. Now I have to be more in charge and more structured and on time.''

While the former 'Desperate Housewives' star wants to be the best parent she can be, she won't be trying to pass on her ideas about raising a child to other mothers.

She said: ''I aim to be a good mom to Santi, but as far as having opinions and really planting my flag in the ground and saying, 'This is the system I use and everybody should use it,' I'm definitely not doing that.''