Eva Longoria never ''focused on'' having children of her own until she met José Antonio Bastón's kids.

The 'Desperate Housewives' star - who is expecting a baby boy with José - reportedly never really thought about having a family until she became a stepmother to José's three children - Natalia, Mariana and Jose.

A source told People magazine: ''She loves kids, but it's not something she focused on. Meeting Pepe and becoming a stepmom made her more open to the idea. She loves his kids and now they're really excited to be expanding the family.''

Eva - who is four months into her pregnancy - had previously praised her husband for being an ''amazing'' father.

She said: ''You know, it's not even little things he does for me it's what he does for my friends, my family. The way he is with the waiter at the restaurant, the way he is with the valet at the restaurant, or the way he is with an elderly woman trying to get into the elevator, just simply considerate at all times.

''And he's a very selfless person and he's an amazing dad, so his children are the most important thing to him and that's really beautiful to watch ... A weekly schedule is a good example of how my priorities are in life. I work really hard Monday through Friday 9-5 and then I get to go home, cook dinner for my husband, go watch a movie, be with his kids, go to dinner for him for his work thing where I have to play the executive wife. I have those duties. And then I do it all over again. I really have a good balance right now in my life, I juggle well I think.''