The former Desperate Housewives star and businessman Jose began dating in 2013 after meeting through a mutual friend, with Eva commenting earlier this year that she already felt married to the Televisa boss.

After exchanging vows in front of A-list pals Victoria and David Beckham and Ricky Martin in Mexico, Eva admits very little has changed when it comes to the dynamics of her romance.

“The truth is I feel the same,” she shared with Britain’s Hello! magazine. “We’ve been together for three years and the wedding hasn’t changed us much because we were already well established as a couple.”

Marriage may not have changed her, but 41-year-old Eva was more than happy to list what she loves about her husband.

“He is a gentleman, very elegant… and I’m more casual. And he’s an excellent father,” she praised. “Every day gets better and I’m excited just thinking about the future.”

One venture that is currently taking up a lot of her time is Eva’s new clothing line, in partnership with U.S. brand The Limited. Eva’s best friend, fashion designer Victoria Beckham, has nothing to worry about though as the actress' designs cater for a different customer. For this reason Eva also hasn’t sought the former Spice Girl’s advice on the fashion business.

“No, because the garments are very different to the ones she designs. Victoria is a genius, a one-off, I love her designs,” she smiled.