Eva Longoria thinks the Cannes Film Festival is the most fun fashion event of the year.

The 38-year-old star claims the two-week-long red carpet extravaganza in May allows celebrities to experiment with their style without having to worry about criticism, unlike a Hollywood bash.

Eva - who accidentally flashed much more than she bargained for in a mint green Versace gown during this year's festival - believes ''risks are allowed '', admitting she has had a few wardrobe malfunctions in her day.

She told The Express newspaper: ''You can't do that in Hollywood - they would criticise you for this neckline being too low or that colour being too bright. [In Cannes], the more daring you are, the better it is, so it's a lot more fun.''

However the dress is only half the battle since hair and make-up are essential in creating the right look.

Eva continued: ''I have to have a really good lipstick and lip gloss. It's a long night. The new lip stains from L'Oreal Paris are moisturising and the colour stays on all night with a 3 good shine. That's so important in a red carpet look.''

The actress has a team of people to help her create the perfect style for the event, joking she had an army of 100 stylists finessing her hair and beauty looks for every appearance.

She added: ''I have a team of 100. My hairstylist will know all about the gown, so if the gown is modern she'll say, 'We're not having a French twist.' ''