The former Desperate Housewives star was an avid supporter of former U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and met many young attorneys while campaigning for the Democrat during the run up to last month's (Nov16) U.S. election. The 41-year-old explains seeing the lawyers made her think about what she would have done if she didn't become an actress.

"In another life I wish I'd gone to law school and became a civil-rights lawyer," she tells Latina magazine. "Campaigning with Hillary Clinton in Florida, I met lawyers not even 30 years old donating their time to give to people in the community. I said, 'God, you guys are really fighting the fight!' I wish I'd gone to law school, so I can better understand how to help people understand the system and make it work for the community."

Eva has been involved in a number of causes that benefit the Latino community, but she insists she could never see herself running for political office.

"Politics is so much meaner than Hollywood," she says. "I mean, you need thick skin for it!"

Eva has always been a community player, and she's always thrilled when Latinos do well: "I hadn't even met (actress) Gina Rodriguez when she was nominated for a Golden Globe, but when I heard the news, I remember just saying, 'Yes!' Some people were like, 'Why did she get nominated and I didn't?' And I thought, 'She's winning that for all of us...' I couldn't have felt more proud.

"I do hope and pray we Latinos can unite and become a more powerful force in everything - entertainment, politics, social justice-and realise that a win for her is a win for all of us."