Eva Longoria ''fell apart'' when she wrapped on 'Desperate Housewives' for the last time.

The 37-year-old actress ''lost it'' and couldn't move for two hours after she finished filming the last ever episode of the comedy-drama TV series, which is set to come to an end on Sunday (13.05.12).

The brunette beauty - who has played Gabrielle Solis since the start of the show eight years ago - said: ''I lost it when they said, 'That's a wrap.' That's the moment, right there.

''We just fell apart. We stayed on that table, because that's where our final scene was, for two hours after we wrapped. And it was surreal.''

Eva admits 'Desperate Housewives' - which stars Teri Hatcher, MARCIA CROSS and Felicity Huffman - has been a ''phenomenon'' and when the show started to become popular it changed her life.

Speaking on 'Good Morning America', she added: ''We had the most amazing crew that really was with us on this ride, this phenomenon. When it exploded, it exploded for everyone. Everybody's life changed, not just mine, but the camera guys, the boom guys and everybody's life changed.''

Eva married basketball star Tony Parker in 2007, but the couple split in November 2010 and their divorce was finalised in January 2011.