Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham have pyjama parties when they get together.

The 41-year-old actress has revealed what the famous friends get up to when they meet and most of the time, they like to slum it in their nightwear and make their hair stylist comb their hair until they nod off.

Eva can always rely on the 42-year-old fashion designer - who has five-year-old daughter Harper and three sons, Brooklyn, 17, Romeo, 14, and Cruz, 11, with her husband David Beckham - who is ''loyal'' and ''super smart''.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', she said: ''We have sleepovers in pyjamas and our hairdresser Kenny brushes our hair until we go to sleep!

''We met so many years ago in Los Angeles and she's my loyal friend - she's very loyal and she's super smart.

Victoria is my queen.''

Meanwhile, Eva - who is godmother to Harper Beckham - went to Winter Wonderland at London's Hyde Park on Thursday evening (17.11.16) with Victoria's son Brooklyn - and the brunette beauty admits he probably felt like he had his ''aunt'' with him.

She laughed: ''I'm sure he sees me like an aunt.

''I'm godmother to Harper. Being with aunty Eva isn't as much fun as his friends.''

Victoria previously said she thinks Eva is ''inspiring''.

The Spice Girls singer struck up a friendship with the former 'Desperate Housewives' actress when she and husband David spent five years living in Los Angeles and there's no one she regards as a better friend.

She gushed: ''I have known Eva for such a long time and she is my closest friend.

''I adore her. She is an inspiring, incredible human being.''

Meanwhile, Eva is very ''proud'' of her friend and loves wearing her creations.

She said: ''I am so proud of Victoria. Every time I put on one of her dresses I say, 'I can't believe you created this.'

''They are beautiful and she has evolved so much in her life to become this powerhouse of a designer.''