French actress Eva Green may have starred in a steamy sex scene with Orlando Bloom, but she was never in danger of falling for the hunk in real life.

Green, 24, and Bloom had a raunchy scene together in SIR Ridley Scott's new movie Kingdom of Heaven, although much of it was scrapped.

And despite the nature of the work, the screen beauty, famed for her appearance in controversial 2003 movie The Dreamers, claims they were never in danger of heading for the bedroom in reality.

She says, "We have a lot of chemistry on screen but it is very dangerous to mix the two.

"A lot of actors do, they want to be as good as possible and start really having sex with their co-star.

"They get confused and it leads to a lot of problems.

"I was not close to falling for Orlando. He is a wonderful person, but I cannot imagine him as a boyfriend."

06/05/2005 14:10