Eva Green refuses to flash her flesh in a bid to be sexy.

The French actress says she likes to keep most of her body covered up when she goes out as she thinks it keeps a bit of mystery about her.

She said: "I hate showing my stomach or too much flesh. It kills the mystery and I don't think it's very sexy. I look out for high collars and Edwardian details - anything that's a bit period. I am very self-conscious, though, and never satisfied. But I'm sure lots of women feel the same."

Whenever Eva does take to the red carpet she likes to have a dramatic look, even though it's taken her a while to control her nerves.

She told Britain's ELLE magazine: "I think of it as costume. I love looking at catwalk images and choosing pieces I'd like to wear. I just want it to be a bit special, so I love the drama of Galliano or McQueen.

"The first time I did a red carpet, I actually had a panic attack. But the more I do it, the more I feel confident and comfortable. There's not really an art to it, apart from being proud of what you're going out there to promote."