Eurythmics legend Dave Stewart has blasted his native Britain for being too conservative, and hails new home Los Angeles as a far more inspiring place to live.

Stewart, 53, became so frustrated by the European country's reluctance to accept innovation, he felt as if he had no choice but to emigrate to the more diverse US.

He says, "You put forward a good idea in London and people wince and say, 'Well good luck with that one, mate,' or else they put it to endless committees.

"It's like pushing a melting snowball up a mountain."

And the SWEET DREAMS hitmaker is equally annoyed by British preconceptions of Los Angeles as superficial and fake.

He says, "Back in England, people think of LA in terms of what they've seen on telly, which means cosmetic surgeons and Rodeo Drive.

"They forget this is home to all kinds of incredible people - Quentin Tarantino, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Morrissey, on and on.

"This is a city built on ideas. I'm a positive person and at last I've found my true environment.

"Living here has reassured me that I'm not just babbling on."