Eurythmics are to release eight of their iconic albums on vinyl.

The legendary pop duo - comprised of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart - will put out the records on Sony Music between April and October 2018, starting with 'In The Garden' (1981), 'Sweet Dreams' (1983) and' Touch' (1983) on April 13, 2018, followed by 'Be Yourself Tonight' (1985), 'Revenge' (1986) and 'Savage' (1987) in July 2018 and 'We Too Are One' (1989) and 'Peace' (1999) in October 2018.

It will be the first time that 'Peace' will be available on vinyl, as the original release was only available in two formats - CD and cassette.

They are also releasing an 11-minute unique video titled 'EURYTHMIX', which is a retrospective compiled and mixed by DJ Earworm and sourced from 23 Eurythmics videos from 1983 to 2005, including 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)' and 'Who's That Girl?'.

Lennox said: ''In the early '80s, videos were a new and innovative phenomena, offering musical artists the possibility to feature interpretations of their songs through the combined medium of moving imagery and sound.''

The 62-year-old star said having eight Eurythmics albums on vinyl is ''extraordinary'', whilst Stewart added: ''To buy a vinyl album, you have to have a record player and you have to have speakers, and this is a great thing because that means people are going to listen to your music not on a cell phone, but they're going to listen to it out of a sound system, which is what we all did when we were growing up.

''The important thing about vinyl releases is that people buy them and actually put them on the turntable and listen to a side, because we chose the tracks to be played in a particular order, and that was really important.''

Meanwhile, the pair are ''flattered'' to have been nominated to be inducted into the 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with fellow British acts such as Dire Straits and Depeche Mode.

Stewart said: ''Being British, we never thought that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame had anything to do with us.

''So when we were nominated, we thought, 'What?!' And then we saw there were other British acts, like Depeche Mode and Dire Straits. They are incredible legends, and we're honoured to be nominated.

Lennox added: ''It's lovely and flattering.''

The eight Eurythmics RCA studio albums being released on vinyl in 2018 via Sony are all available to pre-order now.