Troubled 'lesbian' pop duo TATU suffered another bad night yesterday (27MAY03) following their Eurovision Song Contest failure - they performed a troubled gig to a half-empty concert hall.

The Russian teenagers, LENA KATINA and Julia Volkova, played Saarbrucken, Germany's SAARLAND HALLE, but only managed to attract a crowd of 2,000 - half the venue's capacity.

Tatu took to the stage half an hour late after demanding the audience did not take pictures of them on stage - threatening to cancel the show if their stipulation was not observed.

Despite Katina's announcement that, "We sing in English for the first time," the girls lapsed back into their native Russian when they forgot the lyrics to some of their songs, which were mainly performed over a recorded backing track.

The concert only featured Tatu's trademark raunchy behaviour when they stripped out of their outfits on stage in front of the audience, to perform in their underwear.

The reviewer for Germany's BILD newspaper commented, "This is when the embarassing playback-moments were forgotten."

However, whilst a concerned mother branded the performance "embarassing and tasteless", her 15-year-old described it is as "absolutely cool".

28/05/2003 20:10