If the camp festivities that make up the Eurovision Song Contest are not enough to satiate television contest fans, then a new ballroom dancing show should help to do the trick.

Eurovision Dance Contest will feature dancing couples from 13 countries vying for the public's vote.

The two-hour special will be shown on screens this autumn with Graham Norton  himself no stranger to camp glitz and glamour  acting as the contest's presenter.

Professional and amateur dancers have to perform two dances  one a choice of traditional Latin or ballroom and the other must reflect their national culture.

Viewers will be able to vote during the live performance, with the dreaded 'nul points' lurking in the back of the dancers' minds.

Fenia Vardanis, creator of the BBC1 show Strictly Come Dancing, said: "The competition will be intense ... but and perhaps, just maybe, this is one competition we actually stand a chance of winning."

Peter Fincham, BBC1 controller, said: "I'm looking forward to an evening full of stars and sequins, and glitz and glamour  a great night of family entertainment."

13/04/2007 13:54:51