Eugene Levy was ''shocked'' when he heard there was going to be another 'American Pie' movie.

The 65-year-old actor - who plays Jim's dad, Noah Levenstein, in the film franchise - was ''excited'' at the prospect of the fourth installment, 'American Reunion', but he was also surprised because he thought the third film was a fitting end to the series.

He said: ''I was kind of shocked when I heard that there was going to be another one, because number three 'American Wedding' really was the end of the line, it was billed as the final 'American Pie' movie.

''It was the end of the final chapter in the trilogy and that was it... and then we heard there was going to be a fourth and I was like wow that's kind of exciting.''

Eugene joked his distinguished eyebrows managed to ''negotiate'' with producers to get their own scene in the forthcoming film and his facial features have become so famous they have appointed an agent.

In an interview on Magic 105.4, he quipped: ''They did have their own scene in the movie, they did have to negotiate with the movie people with their agent, my brows do have their own agent...well one is a little uppity.''

While it has been 11 years since the franchise debuted with 1999's 'American Pie', Eugene admits some of his fellow male cast members - who include Chris Klein (Chris Ostreicher) and Seann William Scott (Stifler) - have improved their look and ''buffed up''.

He explained: ''They look pretty good, a couple of the guys have buffed up a little bit... Chris Klein has a body that won't quit, it's unbelievable and Seann, the two of them together, boy if they went tag team forget it!''