Veteran actor Eugene Levy had to cut short his celebrations after receiving the prestigious Order of Canada honour last summer (11) because he suddenly felt the pain of a kidney stone.
The American Pie star was presented with his native country's top award in June (11) in recognition of his career achievements but Levy had to make an abrupt exit from a black tie dinner with Canada's Governor General David Lloyd Johnston soon after accepting the accolade so he could check himself into hospital.
He explains, "I'm at the table chatting with the Governor General's wife... and I'm in an animated conversation - I'm feeling quite good about myself - and just as the waiters come around and start serving up the entree, I feel my kidney start serving up a stone! I would rather pass a 15-pound baby than pass one of these stones. I knew the feeling, what it was, I've had quite a lot of them!
"When I feel a symptom coming on, I get straight in the car and... drive over (to the hospital)... then I go in and get hooked up to the IV (intravenous drip). You wait there for five or six hours because that's how long it takes for the stone to go from the kidney to the bladder... As long as you're hooked up, you're in fine shape..."