MY NAME IS EARL star Ethan Suplee has slammed network bosses for cancelling the show without warning - because he's convinced his campaign to save it would have worked if he'd had more time.
After announcing NBC's decision to axe the comedy series on his blog, Suplee quickly urged fans to sign a petition urging network chiefs to change their minds.
He's praying the campaign works, but fears he's too late to save the show - which has run for four years - because he had no warning about the cancellation.
Suplee tells, "It would have been nice to get a call two weeks ago, or a week ago, saying 'Hey, this isn't going to work.' Or even months ago. If they'd said, 'We really don't know,' we could have done something."
He is even more angry with the reasons NBC entertainment boss Ben Silverman gave for the axing - and is begging fans to put pen to paper in a bid to save the show.
He adds, "When it happened, (co-chairman of NBC Entertainment) Ben Silverman said the reason they picked up Chuck and not Medium and Earl is that the fans didn't make a big stink about picking up Earl or Medium.
"If it's just a matter of some people saying, 'We want to watch the show,' let's see if some people want to say that."
Suplee insists he'd be happy with just a partial reprieve, because he's desperate to give the programme - about a man on a mission to repent his sins - some closure, adding, "Ultimately there are just a couple more episodes that I'd like to see done. It doesn't have to be the show that runs infinitely, but there a few episodes that (creator Greg Garcia) wanted to make, that I was excited about making. Just to close it out. Is this guy stuck making amends for the rest of his life?"
Patricia Arquette's show Medium was axed at the same time as My Name is Earl, but has since been picked up by rival network CBS.