Actor Ethan Hawke has escaped the wrath of estranged wife Uma Thurman's furious brother - because the KILL BILL star warned him against taking revenge.

The GATTACA co-stars shocked the world last September (03) by announcing their separation, amid reports Hawke had cheated on his wife with model JEN PERZOW on the set of Taking Lives in Canada.

And Thurman's furious brother MIPAM immediately sprung to his sister's defence, threatening to kill Hawke.

But wise Thurman - who has two children with Hawke - told her seething sibling not to inflame the situation even more.

Mipam explains, "She said she'd be upset if I went out of my way to do something horrible. I promised I'd try and watch where my mouth flaps in the future."

However, Mipam couldn't resist giving chiselled Hawke a reason to be nervous when he ran into him recently.

Mipam adds, "I came up to him and threw a fake punch. But hating him isn't productive.

"He was led by lust and is going to have to deal with that. That is punishment enough."

19/07/2004 13:19