Recently-separated movie hunk Ethan Hawke has become so depressed and withdrawn since his split from wife Uma Thurman, pals are fearing for his health.

The Training Day actor split with the Kill Bill beauty in September (03) after he was caught cheating on her with model JEN PERZOW on the Canadian set of upcoming movie Taking Lives.

After unsuccessfully trying to woo back the mother of his two children, Ethan has had to rely on his pet dog for company - while Uma enjoys a romantic holiday with new love ANDRE BALZAS.

Spies in Hawke's native New York have spotted the lonely star dining out with his pet pooch and then pouring out his troubles to a pal while walking the mutt in the trendy Chelsea district, saying it was a "really painful breakup".

Also, sources on Hawke's new film BILLY DEAD have told gossip website PAGE SIX.COM he is so down that he is failing to return phone calls and finding it difficult to concentrate.

Hawke and Thurman married in 1998 after meeting on the set of sci-fi thriller GATTACA.

05/01/2004 18:15