Hollywood heart-throb Ethan Hawke had a spooky premonition he was going to die the night his acting rival RIVER PHOENIX suffered a fatal drugs overdose (31OCT93).

The BEFORE SUNSET star was envious of Phoenix as a 16-year-old actor and to "get over" this jealousy was his main concern when they co-starred in the 1985 movie EXPLORERS together.

While Hawke was forced to wait longer to reach his current movie star status, he watched Phoenix beat him to the role of Chris Chambers in STAND BY Me the following year (86). Phoenix went on to receive an OSCAR nomination in 1989 for his turn in RUNNING ON EMPTY.

However, on 31 October 1993, while Phoenix was dying outside Johnny Depp's VIPER ROOM nightclub in Hollywood, Hawke was horrified by "a hardcore premonition I was going to die".

He explains, "If my prayers for the previous ten years had been answered, I'd have died. And I really wanted to live."

18/11/2004 17:38