Hollywood star Ethan Hawke admits he is "fake" in interviews and is desperate to follow his movie idols' examples by boycotting the promotion of films.

The Taking Lives actor, 33, admires veteran actors like Robert Redford, Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty for shunning the media and insists their films spoke for themselves without endless publicity stunts.

Hawke tells NEW YORK MAGAZINE, "You know Redford didn't do interviews, you didn't see Paul Newman on the cover of some magazine hawking his s***. You didn't see Jack Nicholson on the JAY LENO show.

"I remember when REDS came out, Warren Beatty didn't do one press thing - he said, 'The movie will speak for itself'."

However Hawke also recalls the significance of ALLEN GINSBERG'S SPONTANEOUS MIND - a collection of the writer's infamous interviews.

He says, "A ton of people know who he is but haven't read one poem by him, and at the height of his celebrity, he made seventeen grand a year. He decided more people read interviews than read poetry - so he felt that doing interviews was more a part of his life's work, that it was as great a way to communicate with the world as poetry was.

"So he's trying to speak as honestly and put as much thought into those interviews as he did his poetry.

"However I present myself, there's still something fake about it. 'Cause we're presenting ourselves all the time.

"So how does one go about it?"

23/06/2004 09:29