TRAINING DAY star Ethan Hawke is getting over his split from actress UMA THURMAN by appealing for his first love to get in touch with him.

The Hollywood actor, who separated from the Kill Bill beauty last year (03), appeared on comedian David Letterman's chat show last night (30JUN04) to promote his latest movie BEFORE SUNSET - and ask the lady in question to step forward.

He said, "Everybody has that person in the back of their mind: 'If that had only worked out.' I have one, but I've never seen her again. I'm seeking her now. Her name was CINDY.

"I met her at the HAMILTON ROLLER RINK in New Jersey. I was 12. We were doing the slow-skate to Toto, or something like that, and I remember we were skating around and she was wearing this OZZY OSBOURNE T-shirt and she had the teased-back hair.

"And she said to me, 'You like JACK DANIELS?' And I said, 'Yeah... too bad he died.' I thought she was talking about Jim Morrison, or something. I had no idea!

"And then she said, 'Do you wanna French-kiss? And I said, 'Definitely'. She proceeded to stick her tongue down my mouth and I didn't know what that was either - but I liked it!

"So I'm reaching out to Cindy tonight, from Hamilton, New Jersey."

02/07/2004 09:48