Cheating actor Ethan Hawke is in hot water if he ever runs into estranged wife Uma Thurman's brothers - because they want to kill him.

The showbiz world was shocked three weeks ago when the seemingly happy couple called time on their five year marriage amidst reports of Hawke's affair with Canadian model JEN PERZOW.

And Thurman, who has two children with Hawke, is reportedly distraught at her husband's behaviour - especially as he is refusing to accept the blame for the demise of their union.

Now brothers MIPAM and GANDEN have spoken of their fury over the TRAINING DAY star's treatment of their stunning sister.

Model Mipam is quoted on the PEOPLENEWS website as saying, "I want to kill him. He's a piece of s***. I can't believe what he's done to my sister.

"Ethan is blaming Uma. He says the marriage wasn't great and that he was forced to go turn to other people. He's compounded the problem with this affair. He still hasn't apologised.'

"At least Uma has gotten two beautiful children out of the marriage."

Gandan adds, "Anger may be the proper reaction to what Ethan's done. I side with my sister categorically.

"(But) this is a matter for Uma and Ethan. I really want to encourage them to come to an amiable resolution. Human beings are fallible. I wish them all the best."

11/09/2003 13:51