Actor Ethan Hawke is hoping Uma Thurman doesn't turn up to see him in his Broadway play HURLYBURLY - because his character says a lot of harsh things about his ex-wife.

The TRAINING DAY star, who co-stars with Parker Posey in the New York City production, split with Kill Bill beauty Thurman in 2003, and admits it would be a highly uncomfortable situation if she decided to show up for one of his shows.

Hawke says, "I would love to have her come, but she hasn't come and I don't think she should. My character rants so much about his ex-wife that I think it would make the audience so uncomfortable, or at least the 10 people sitting near her.

"She's so tall, and everybody would be looking at her. Every night, sometimes when the house isn't very responsive, that's the first thing that goes through my mind: 'Is she here tonight? Why's everybody so quiet?'"

19/04/2005 03:08