Ethan Hawke blames himself for the flurry of gossip surrounding his split from Uma Thurman, because he forgot his every more was being watched by the media.

The actor tries to ignore his fame and live his life as normal as possible - but often forgets his celebrity status makes that impossible.

He says, "Everybody who gets divorced experiences gossip. The real human issues are really the same.

"My friends who know me well say I have incredible powers of denial. I just block it out. And it's got me into some trouble.

"When my marriage is falling apart, I'll kiss a girl in a bar with everyone watching and not give a s**t because I've just blocked it out.

"I've forgotten that I'm going to have to read about it. I mean, what a moronic move!

"But I just want to move through space like a human being and nothing else, and sometimes I forget I don't always get to."