Actor Ethan Hawke has turned to pal Angelina Jolie to help him deals with the media interest in the break-up of his marriage to Uma Thurman.

Hawke admits he admires his Taking Lives co-star's honesty when reporters get personal and quiz her about her own very public split from BILLY BOB THORNTON.

And she inspired him to sit down for interviews to talk specifically about his break-up with Thurman.

The actor says, "There is no real handbook on how to handle all this stuff. I still don't know if I did the right thing. When there's a lot of tabloid journalism, it renders us all to the smallest level of conversation.

"It's like people craning their neck to watch a car wreck - alright, I'm in a car wreck and everybody's staring at me. I felt that there might be some advantage to try to talk about it as openly as I could so that I could stop talking about it.

"You're always dealing with people's expectations. I admire people who don't care what people think about them. It's something to strive for.

"It's what I admire so much about Angelina - you ask a question, you get the right answer from her. You get so conditioned not to hear an honest answer that it seems almost shocking to say something very simple, which is the truth.

"People spend their lives wanting to be respected by other people. If you respect yourself and you behave with integrity, and you go about your life and you make mistakes and you correct them, then that speaks for itself.

"I find myself trying to unravel the mistruths in my own head. It's enough work to try and understand yourself. I need to talk to Angelina Jolie."

19/03/2004 19:29