Ethan Hawke has been cast in 'A Late Quartet'.

The 39-year-old actor is the first star to officially join the cast of the Yaron Zilberman project, Variety reports.

The star will play the second violinist in a string ensemble of three who have been together for 25 years, and must adapt their performances when one of the group develops Parkinson's disease.

One sub-story of the film sees Ethan embark on an affair in an effort to get more musical solos.

Yaron created The Script for the film - which is due for release in 2011 - alongside Seth Grossman.

Ethan has a number of projects to work on, including drama 'Tonight at Noon' alongside Rutger Hauer and Connie Nielsen and 'The Woman in Fifth' with Kristin Scott Thomas.

He is also currently shooting 'Boyhood' - a project worked on for 12 years by Richard Linklater starring Patricia Arquette and Ellar Salmon.