Movie hunk Ethan Hawke felt he had to speak out after his marriage to UMA THURMAN broke down - in case the world thought he was hiding something.

The Taking Lives actor had to endure reports that the Kill Bill beauty had dumped him after discovering he was cheating on her with Canadian model JEN PERZOW. And Ethan felt it was crucial to set the record straight - and tell his fans the couple had been facing insurmountable problems before he met Perzow.

And Hawke admits he's still reeling from the painful separation with his long-term love.

He says, "It's never been so difficult to see the path. I've never had to deal with so many expectations and questions; with people's thoughts about what I'm feeling or their imagination about what's going on.

"I'm starting to think silence would have been the most useful tool, but then the problem is that it looks like you're lying or hiding something."

12/04/2004 01:56