British R+B sensation Estelle left home at 19 because she was tired of the fights between her mother and stepfather.
The American Boy singer admits she "got sick" of seeing her mother "go through some crazy s**t" with her husband - and she insists her decision to move out inspired her mum to move on.
Estelle tells the new issue of America's Sister 2 Sister magazine, "She got divorced when I was 22."
The star admits her former stepfather would never beat his wife - but he took out his anger on her nine kids: "(He'd) act like it was cool to beat me at 19... It was just like he would take it out on us.
"(For me) it was like, 'You know what? Do that with someone else's kids.'"
And the abuse Estelle and her mother experienced has made the singer a better judge of character when it comes to the men she dates.
She found herself dating a man just like her stepfather shortly after she moved away from home.
The singer recalls, "When she (mother) left him, I was with this guy... It was like, 'You know what? You're just a repeat of my stepdad. I started seeing myself become my mum.
"I (even) cleaned up the house like her. I've got the couch and s**t."
"(I was) like, 'Am I really doing the double of my stepdad? This guy... seems different, but he is in the house, not working, not trying to work, hanging out."
She eventually kicked her slacker boyfriend out when she realised he was dealing drugs - and she was facing a scandal that would wreck her career.
Estelle explains, "I was top 20, people knew my face, knew my name... and he was out hustling.
"I was like, 'Are you insane? Do you want the police to come and knock down my door and I be in the papers (sic)? Because you're not going to be in the papers. It's going to be me - another black artist into drugs.'
"I said, 'I'm not risking my life for this f**king guy. You're not worth that much to me.'
"Then he came at me with, 'I want to have kids,' and I was like, 'With what money?' I was like, 'No, you have to go. You need to get out.'
"I had to check myself later: 'Why was I with that guy for three years? What the hell.'"
But Estelle admits she's still looking for the perfect guy for her - because so many remind her of her stepfather.
She explains, "I went through a series of, 'Maybe this is different - nope, same guy. Oh maybe - nope.'"