British rapper/singer Estelle never gives out her number to groupies - because they use idiotic chat-up lines.
The American Boy singer has enjoyed a surge in male attention since releasing her hit second LP Shine - which she recorded in the U.S. with the help of R+B heavyweight John Legend and Kanye West.
And the star admits that when she is back in her native U.K. she is often bombarded by guys trying to get a date.
She says, "They'll come out and say, 'Yeah babe I really respect you.' Then they're also like, 'The beautiful Estelle', and I'm like, 'Euh, what do you want?' And they'll go, 'I have seen you a lot...' And I'm like, 'Because I'm a rapper and a singer and I'm on TV?'"
She adds, "It's funny. I'm like, 'Yeah cool, nice to meet you. You don't need my number. You really don't. I don't have a U.K. phone. I don't live here anyway.'"