The actress, who is based in Los Angeles, claims she befriended the male in question when she helped to redecorate his boats, but when she rejected his advances, he reportedly turned on her and began harassing her.

During one scary incident, Warren alleges he broke into her apartment and made threats against her life, while also pushing and spitting at her before exiting the property via her balcony.

According to, he showed up outside her home a week later, and when the 37-year-old star called a neighbour for help, he launched into a verbal attack and then punched her from behind, knocking her unconscious. Estella claims she suffered a concussion.

The man, whose identity has not been revealed, also stands accused of flooding Estella's voicemail inbox with multiple messages and 63 texts within just one hour.

He has since been arrested and charged with misdemeanour assault and making annoying phone calls, while Warren has been granted a temporary protection order against him.