Estella Warren, the Canadian model and actress, is behind bars after a scuffle with Los Angeles Police Department officers, reports Estella Warren, best known for her appearance in the 2001 remake 'Planet of the Apes', became violent with officers after she had smashed her Toyota Prius into three parked cars just before midnight on Monday (23rd May 2011).
Authorities say that Warren resisted her arrest for Dui and began kicking one of the officers. While being booked at the police station, the actress managed to release herself from a pair of handcuffs and attempted to escape, only be recaptured. Warren will reportedly be booked for felony escape, assault, hit and run and Dui. The Canadian first rose to prominence as a model, appearing in magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Vogue and Maxim. She began her foray into acting in 2001, first appearing alongside Mark Wahlberg in 'Planet of the Apes' and then starring in the 2003 movie 'The Cooler'. She also made an appearance in the comedy film 'Kangaroo Jack' with Anthony Anderson.
The Lapd have confirmed that Estella Warren's bail had been set at $100,000 but is still unclear when she will appear in court.