Eccentric R+B star Erykah Badu has a way of deflecting personal questions away from her - she makes up stories about orgies, ancient sexual cults and masturbating.

The famously private singer, who has a child by OUTKAST star ANDRE 3000 and is currently dating smooth rapper Common, hates talking about personal matters and recently took New York radio gossip Wendy Williams to task for spreading rumours about her.

But Badu did it in style - but turning the airwaves blue with saucy talk.

Badu pretended to confess she had three boyfriends and together they were practicing an ancient African-American sex philosophy, and she never needed to masturbate because she has found a way of having mind sex, where she "feels good all the time."

But then, when Williams started to get drawn in by Badu's revelations, the sassy singer added, "You know we was just entertaining you, Wendy. Just like you entertain your people. How old are you?"

01/10/2003 21:04