Movie legend Errol Flynn was once the subject of a private investigation in England after he failed to cover the cost of a large clothing bill.

Jonathon Williams, the current store manager of Northampton menswear shop Montague Jeffrey, recently unearthed a handful of letters in the store's archives, which revealed the late star had wracked up a large debt back in the 1950s.

The shop owner hired detectives to track down Flynn in a bid to recover the funds, and when confronted, the Australian, who was working in the area, admitted he was strapped for cash.

He vowed to pay the store back in full within a week, although it is unclear whether Flynn ever made good on his promise before he died in 1959.

The actor acknowledged the issue in a handwritten note to the store, dated January, 1955, which reads, "If you would care to wait about a week longer I will be able to pay your account in full. The only reason it has not been settled previously is inability, not disinclination."