The actor never understood why his four sons were so opposed to seeing films and TV shows, in which their father's character passed away - because he always thought they knew he was just acting. But then his namesake kid's character died on a TV show.

"One time my son said, 'Daddy, if you're gonna die in this I don't want to see it!'," Ernie tells WENN. "I thought that was kind of weird because he knows I'm acting.

"When he grew up he did an episode of Oz and he was killed. Then I finally got what he meant. It might be acting but it touches you on another level. In the scene I had to go in and dress the body. I didn't want that in my head!"

The scene also made Hudson think about parents who have to bury their children: "I feel so (bad) for parents who've had to go through deaths with their kids. I feel so blessed I have four amazing sons. I've never had to get them out of any trouble. They're responsible good people. I'm very thankful that we communicate every day.

"They've been the barometer that make me aware of my responsibility. Them doing well makes my world better."