The creators behind what has turned out to be Ernest Borgnine 's final movie have been paying their respects to the late actor, telling Fox just exactly what qualities the 95 year-old brought to the role for their animated film 'Miracle Mouse/Cranky's Miracle', citing the Milwaukee connection as to what got him on board. Borgnine died of kidney failure on Sunday afternoon, with his wife and kids by his side, leaving a legacy that spanned seven decades and around 200 different projects.
Of 'Miracle Mouse/Cranky's Miracle', Tom Hignite, founder of Miracle Studios commented "We were looking for a voice that could be very mean and yet be very enduring," Borgnine had this in spades, but there was more to him that made him the ideal person for the role. His well-documented love of Milwaukee's Circus Parade meant that as soon as he found out that's where 'Miracle Mouse/Cranky's Miracle' was being produced he jumped at the chance. "His love of the Circus Parade and his years of being the clown in the Circus Parade is really what opened the key to that door to allow him to be in this production," Hignite said.
Project animator Philo Barnhart admitted that he was a huge fan of Borgnine and so getting him involved was almost a dream come true, "He's been a profound influence on the way the character is being drawn now, just very inspirational, his vocal performance, so I am getting to work with his voice," Barnhart said.