Movie veteran Ernest Borgnine was thrilled to work with Bruce Willis on the set of new action film Red - because he was one of the Die Hard star's first champions.
The 93-year-old actor has been a big fan of Willis' work ever since the actor first hit the screen in TV comedy Moonlighting - and Borgnine relished the opportunity of telling the action man to his face.
He says, "Every once in a while Bruce would come over to me and give me a squeeze. A couple of times he did that I thought he wanted to go steady! What a heck of a nice guy.
"I predicted he was gonna become some big star the minute I saw him on Moonlighting. I said, 'This boy is gonna go places,' and sure enough he has and he deserves it because he's a hard conscientious worker and a wonderful guy to boot. It's a pleasure to know him."