Movie veteran Ernest Borgnine was forced to change the name of his upcoming biography after publishers balked at his crude title. The Oscar-winning Marty star suggested a title that he picked up from a New York nut vendor at the beginning of career - and adopted as his lifelong motto. But publishers feared he'd offend too many people with the quirky title. He explains, "It was I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire, I Just Want To Keep My Nuts Warm. The book people said if you use that title in the Midwest (America), the people won't buy it because they're Bible people, so they made it just Ernie. "The way that title came about was I was walking down 10th Avenue in New York City in a chilly November cursing myself that I couldn't get any work. "The only one working was Charlton Heston because he was a good looking guy and I'm bemoaning my fate as suddenly I smell hot chestnuts from a street vendor. I got closer to smell the chestnuts because I couldn't afford to buy them and I saw the sign on the vendor's cart. "That became my philosophy on life and the title of my book." Ernie will hit bookstores in August (08).