Film veteran Ernest Borgnine is sick of all the sex and violence in modern movies - and is calling for the biggest stars to join him in urging studios to make better fare. The Oscar-winner insists the golden age of Hollywood is long gone - because too many modern moviemakers and stars just want to make films that titillate and shock. He fumes, "We have some pretty good actors around but they're all interested now in two things - sex and shooting. It's shameful because, in my day, we had shooting too, but it was for a cause. "Now, the bigger the cannon, the better it is. Unless you've got bigger and better guns and bigger and better women showing more of themselves - which I think women ought to rebel against - films don't get made. "In my day, if you saw an ankle it was treasured... Seeing their ankle was really something. You kind of wonder what the heck have we come to? "To me, too much nudity is not good."