Veteran actor Ernest Borgnine is keen to land a series of quickie TV films - so he can hit a landmark 200 movies in 2008. The Oscar-winning 91-year-old claims he has appeared in 198 film projects and he's determined to make it to 200 quickly - with a little help from TV networks. After winning a 2008 Golden Globe Award nomination for his leading role in A Grandpa For Christmas and acclaim for upcoming TV western Aces 'N' Eights, Borgnine hopes to land more TV roles. He says, "I'm waiting for some stuff to come through from Hallmark (TV network) with a couple of things and then I'll reach 200 movies. But I hope to make more than 200." And he's up for anything - as he proved when he insisted on doing his own horse-riding in new TV movie Aces 'N' Eights. Borgnine explains, "I was 90 when I made this and I was still getting on a horse. They said, 'Are you really gonna get on a horse?' I said, 'Of course. I'll do it just like Duke (John) Wayne used to do it. Get a ladder and climb up and get on! How do you think Wayne used to get up there?'"