Australian model Erin McNaught is suing the makers of a Tv show over an injury she sustained while filming an episode.

The beauty, who is engaged to British hip-hop star Example, partially severed a finger when she fell off an electric dirt bike while reviewing it during her stint on gadget series Cybershack in 2009.

MCNaught required 40 stitches and several physiotherapy sessions, and she is now demanding $777,000 (£514,000) in damages.

A source tells, "When it happened it was really bad and her hand's still not right. It looks really odd and it doesn't bend properly. She's had heaps of physiotherapy and it's still not great."

The case is scheduled for mention in the Downing Centre District Court in Sydney on Monday (18Mar13), but the former beauty queen is currently in the U.K. and will not attend the hearing.

MCNaught was a presenter on Cybershack from 2007 to 2010.