Erin Heatherton exercises to relieve stress.

The Victoria's Secret model likes to work out for an hour every day as it gives her time to relax and not think about everything going on in her life.

She said: ''My background was always playing sports at high school. I was always an athlete - I played basketball and ran track, so staying in shape for modelling is second nature for me. Working out gives me the opportunity to let go and listen to my music; it's a big stress reliever. That's my one hour of the day when I can just quiet my mind.

''My life is really crazy, so to do an hour a day of the same exercise really eases my mind and reduces stress, and that has a big impact on my body. I run for half an hour and then do yoga - it's a golden combination for me and when I travel, it's a great way to see the city.''

Erin, 23, has certain areas of her body she likes to concentrate on as she thinks they're the ones that need the most work.

She told Britain's Hello! magazine: ''I always tell me trainer to concentrate on my waist and my legs.''