Erin Heatherton says being a Victoria's Secret Angel has taught her about maintaining a good diet.

The blonde beauty says understanding women need to eat healthily as well as exercise has given her the killer body that led her to become one of the lingerie brand's elite models alongside the likes of Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima.

She said: ''I've learned a lot about diet in my years of being an Angel. A mistake a lot of girls make is that they work out but don't eat enough. If you're not eating enough, all the work outs are doing, it's not going to show.

''You could be doing a million butt lifts, but your butt is not going to get any bigger because there is nothing to build on. Your body needs food to make that happen.''

The 23-year-old beauty recently walked the catwalk in the hotly-anticipated lingerie show for the fifth time, and says she gets up at 6am to start her strict exercise routine in order to perfect her well-toned curves.

Erin explained: ''I work out twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. I'll start with half an hour of running and then some yoga to stretch everything out so everything is warm. In the evening I do butt lifts. It's important to be fit, but you shouldn't get too skinny. You need to have curves.''