Erin Andrews, the Espn sideline reporter and Dancing With The Stars finalist, is seeking $10 million damages over a 2008 incident when a man videotaped her in the nude through a peephole in his Nashville hotel room.
Andrews has filed a lawsuit against several parties involved in the 2008 incident, according to the Hollywood Reporter. She is seeking a total of $10 million for invasion of privacy - $6 million from the West End Marriott where the incident took place, and $4 million from the man who videotaped her. That man, Michael Barrett, was sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison in 2010 after pleading guilty to stalking Andrews and admitting to following her to three cities. One of his videotapes was released online and subsequently went viral. Erin is seeking the majority of damages from the hotel, claiming they allowed Barrett to know that she was staying at the Marriott while also granting him a room directly next to hers. Ultimately, Erin claims the ensuing leak of the footage caused her, "great emotional distress and embarrassment".
One of the most popular sports presenters on American television, Andrews has numerous endorsement deals, including lucrative contracts with Kraft Foods and Reebok. In May 2011, she co-hosted the Music Builds relief concert for tornado victims in the southern United States and has also worked as a contributor for GOOD MORNING AMERICA.