Suspects arrested during the taping of the forthcoming Armed and Famous reality series have been offered money in exchange for signing a release allowing their faces to be shown on television, the Muncie, IN Star Press reported on Tuesday. The show features actors Erik Estrada, Jack Osbourne and LaToya Jackson, who have been sworn in as members of the Muncie Police department and issued weapons as they film arrests made by regular Muncie police officers. One woman told the newspaper that her 23-year-old son had accepted $150 in return for signing a release after he was arrested on a warrant and misdemeanor marijuana charge. (He later said he used the money to help cover the costs of his bail.) "No amount of money is worth the pain and hurt that I'm feeling as a parent," Dorothy Woods remarked. Another man said that he accepted $400 from the producers after they originally offered him a T-shirt that said, "I got arrested by a celebrity and all I got is this lousy T-shirt."