TV star Erik Estrada's 20-year-old son BRANDON was arrested last week (13Dec07) after an air-rage incident on a flight from Los Angeles to Memphis, Tennessee. The pilot of the Northwest Airlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing at Oklahoma City after student Brandon became agitated. He was then arrested by FBI agents. A fellow passenger tells the New York Daily News, "He was convinced that nobody was flying the plane. He jumped up and reached over the other passengers and lifted up their window cover. Then he tried to get out the airplane. Then he tried to get into the cockpit. He kept saying there were no pilots. It was wild. "(Cabin crew) found military and police passengers and quietly brought them upfront, and they all restrained him." Estrada's father - the former CHiPS actor - says, "Brandon informed us recently that he has had stress and pressure at college, and has elected to see an on-campus psychologist. "I told him that it was a good idea to talk to someone. I would like to thank all the women and men of law enforcement, as well as Northwest Airlines, for helping my son when he was clearly not able to help himself. He now can get all the help that he clearly needs."