THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT star Eric Stoltz has some shocking news for ASHTON KUTCHER fans - the movie hunk has serious acting ambitions.

Flame-haired Eric worked closely with the DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR? star on the supernatural thriller and says playful Ashton has a very serious side.

And Stoltz believes Demi Moore's boy toy has a good chance of realizing his dream of becoming a proper thespian.

Eric enthuses, "Ashton's such a dear guy.

"He's a big BRANDO fan. He was talking about him on the set. Not just that Brando's cool, but the emotional reality Brando bought to parts.

"My feeling was that he wants to move beyond how he's perceived as an actor. He's not unlike a young John Travolta, who was beautiful, sincere and understanding."

13/04/2004 01:28